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Accidentally cancelling/reversing a transactions

There are a number of ways a transaction may be cancelled or reversed by accident:

  1. If the red button is pressed during a transaction the transaction will be cancelled.
  2. If the transaction requires a signature after the merchant copy is printed, the driver must compare the signature on the back of the card with that of the merchant copy. If it matches, the driver must press YES for the transaction to be finalised. By pressing NO the driver is intructing the terminal to cancel the transaction.
  3. If the terminal cannot communicate with the bank the transaction will time out and not go through.

Please read the prompts on the CabFare terminal display carefully to avoid a cancellation or reversal.

If a cancellation or reversal does occur, the driver must try to process the transaction on the CabFare terminal again. If this is not possible, the driver must collect the passenger's contact details and supply them to CabFare at Contact Us or call CabFare at 1300 721 966. CabFare will contact the passenger and complete the transaction on your behalf.

Please note, if a the driver causes a cancellation or reversal, CabFare cannot redo the transaction without working with the card holder.

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